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About iyalode productions

About Iyàlódè productions

Iyàlódè (e-yah-low-day) Productions is a Film and Events production Company that is committed to developing, promoting, exhibiting and producing Content and Evnts about minority and under-represented groups.


Iyàlódè Productions key projects include:

WOCAF -Women of Color Arts and Film Festival, Atlanta, GA, USA – 2005 – 2012.
the only one of its kind in the southeast of the United States to exclusively present, promote and celebrate the artistic talents of women of color filmmakers and artists.

Indigo Tongues An exciting new interview series featuring trailblazers from Africa and the diaspora.

Indigo Tongues is an interview series that brings the inspiring voices of dynamic people from Africa and the diaspora onto one global platform. These trailblazers have been recognized in their respective countries for contributing significantly in the development of their area of expertise.

Indigo Tongues aim is to put a face to these voices, explore their countries with them and get a peek into what it takes to make it happen in the “developing world”.

The first segment of Indigo Tongues – Women in Media – features 6 episodes where we meet women in the media industries from Nigeria, Kenya, Jamaica, Sierra Leone and Guadeloupe.


Iyalode Productions Services:
Content production for TV
Film Production
Event Production