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Mariette Monpierre indigo tongues

Women in Media Segment – Series 1 Episode 3
Indigo Tongues features Mariette Monpierre. Award winning filmmaker Mariette Monpierre, the first woman to shoot a feature length film on the island of Guadeloupe, meets up with Indigo Tongues to discuss filmmaking life and much more.


Mariette Monpierre, started her career as a TV Commercial Producer with the award winning advertising agency BBDO, New York. Her clientele included companies such as FedEx, Pepsi Cola, Pizza Hut and Visa.

Yearning to tell her stories on screen and in more than 30 seconds, Ms Monpierre shot several short films including “Rendez-Vous” and “Chez Moi”. Her feature film debut Elza, has been nominated and worn several awards including Winner of the Paul Robeson Award, Best Picture of the Diaspora, at FESPACO, (the largest film festival on the continent of Africa), Winner Best First Feature Special Jury Recognition, Pan African Film Festival, L.A, Winner BAFTA Festival Choice and Festival Programmers’ Awards, PAFF, L.A, Nominated for Best Diaspora Feature, 2012 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). Elza also appeared on New York Times Critics’ Picks in November 2012.

About the interview

I had spoken with Mariette during the preparation for the 2012 WOCAF Festival, as I wanted to screen her film Elza. I had read about it and had seen the trailer and I was impressed with what I saw. Unfortunately, this did not pan out. I was determined to see the film though and knew at some point I would be able to catch it at another film festival. Luckily for me it was going to be screened at the MIST Theater in Harlem in December 2013. I attended the screening and loved the film. Well told story, strong visuals and shot in an astonishingly beautiful location – the island of Guadeloupe. After the screening I introduced myself to Mariette and told her we had spoken about her film being screened at my festival. She remembers our discussion and we chatted for a while. I mentioned to her that I was no longer doing the festival but was starting this interview series and she said “oh you can interview me” and I said sure I would love to….and the rest they say is history.

I was very particular this time as to how I wanted the interview to look so I knew I wanted GB to shot the video. Being that he lived in Atlanta, I worked full time and Mariette spent a lot of time travelling, it took a minute for us to coordinate the shoot but when it finally happened, it went like a breeze. We met at a park near where Mariette lived, which happened to be associated with NYU where I am currently taking a course, so my student ID gave me a pass to shoot there.

Mariette is a very interesting woman, loves the camera and the camera loves her. She shares the story about her life very freely. It was nice to be speaking with an immigrant in New York that had a somewhat similar background as myself, having lived in three different countries.

By the time the interview was done I was more intrigued about Guadeloupe than I have ever been and now I am determined to explore Guadeloupe. It is definitely now on my list of Caribbean islands to visit.

For more information about Elza the movie visit the filmmakers website www.elzathemovie.com

Interview Date: October 14th 2013
Location: Washington Square Park, Manhattan, New York

Director/Producer: Mojisola Sonoiki
Editor: Oluwaseun Sonoiki (Sheffy Productions)
Camera: Gerald Barclay (GeeBee Productions)
Interviewer: Mojisola Sonoiki
Indigo Tongues Logo: Blugge Design Studio
Music Credit: Black Madjik Woman/Victor O (Martinique/Paris)

Additional Footage

Film clips provided by Mariette Monpierre
Photos – Mariette Monpierre & Iyalode Productions

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